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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 good morning and thank you for waking up with news19 this morning.i'm deon guillory.and i'm colby is monday january 25... your time is now____. 3 3
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investigating 3 county after two were shot at a party around 3 12:30 yesterday morning. they say the victims were standing behind a vehcile... when several suspects approached them on the 200 block of foxhunt road.they say... one of the suspects fired multiple rounds at the teens.both victims were shot in the lower body.they are expected to be okay.anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple 8 -crime-sc. 3 authorities say one man is behind bars after shooting at deputies.he's 23 year old... akeem breeland.the incident happened around 11 saturday night on camrose court. deputies were responding to an aggravated assault.and when they arrived... investigators say he fired several shots at the deputy... striking the patrol car multiple times... investigators say akeen ran into the woods... but was
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the hospital... and treated for hypothermia and a pre- existing health condition.he's facing multiple charges... including attempted murder. 3 an up date on an assault investigation we told you about last week.the man accused of assaulting a victim on greene street... in five points has been arrested.this is a surveillance image columbia police sent us from the incident. they now say 21- year-old... harold jacobsen... turned himself in to investigators saturday morning. he's been charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.jacobsen is accused of punching a man in the head... causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete. 3 lexngton county investigators say a pair of suspects in an armed robbery in lexington county... are also wanted for attempting to use checks stolen from the business they robbed.according to lexington county sheriff's department detectives... two hispanic males... robbed the la gaviota grocery.... on augusta highway on jan. 10. the suspects took some cash and the checks..investigators
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or tried to cash the checks.... at businesses in greenville... kershaw and saluda counties. his image has been caught on video surveillance systems at some of the businesses. investigators's say he's been seen at the businesses in a newer honda accord... or an old white work van.anyone who can identify these men... should call crimestoppers at 888-crime-sc. 3 the columbia barber shop whose employees and customers defended themselves from armed robbers last night is back this morning.despite what happened... the barbers at next up on fort jackson boulevard... were back yesterday morning -- and had a line of customers waiting.they say the store was filled with children and families when two masked men came in just before 7 p-m... demanding everyone's money.master barber.. elmurray bookman... says the man in his chair was listening to the robbers... but came up p with a plan. 3 elmurray bookman: "when he came to him for his money, he told him that his money was over there in the chair. when the guy walked over to the chair, that's when he came out and shot. then when he started
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started shooting." the robber who was shot... later died at a hospital... he hasn't been identified.the other man is still on the run.if you have any information on where he could're asked to call crime stoppers at 1888 crime-sc. 3 a mother who went missing over a week ago... has turned herself in and is now charged after leaving her two young children alone.27 year old... shardae evette davis was charged friday with two counts of unlawful conduct toward a child. you may remember officers responded to the her home on jan. 15... after a neighbor called 911... following a disturbance. they found two small children alone in the home.sumter police are continuing to look for 34 year old... herbert linwood butler... who is wanted on a violence... from a previous incident.anyone with information about butler whereabouts is asked to call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime- sc. 3 if you have a suspended drivers license... listen up. the south carolina dmv
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suspension eligibility week... will be march 14 through 18....for drivers with certain suspensions. you could be license for.. no insurance... or driving under a suspended license no including alcohol your fines first... before you get your license back. 3 mother emanuel a-m-e welcomed its new pastor sunday morning. our c-b-s affiliate in charleston... says reverend will take over at the pulpit. this is the first time in the church's history... that a woman will be pastor.reverend norvel goff was named interim pastor in june... after the church shooting. they say goff will now be running for bishop. 3 3 the carlina panthers are headed to their second super bowl in franchise history! quarterback cam newton threw for 335 yards and scroed 4 touchdowns.carson palmer and the cardinals coulnd't get their offense going.. with palmer having the worst
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offense will square off with the denver bronces top -notch defense to determine the superbowl 50 champions... and the panthers' players are ready to go. 3 josh norman 3 (don't advance super)3 the panther's 3 players weren't the only ones celebrating last across the midlands enjoyed
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championship win.news19 caught up with some of them at the buffalo wild wings on devine street.they said it's been a long time coming and they are ready for the franchises first superbowl win. 3 every score. every touchdown. every big play 3 on defense. everything was amazing tonight. the best part of the game. i don't know. the whole game was great. the interceptions. the everything was great. hopefully our first franchise history you know. i'm just excited. i'm just ready." the panthers will be taking on peyton manning and the denver 3 broncos in superbowl 50.3 and you can catch right here
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3 ad lib about panthers.the panthers were all over social media last night with fans
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3 3 a jury will be selected for the re-trial of jack parker today.jack parker is the father of brett parker... the man convicted of killing his wife and his gambling partner. the two faced federal gambling charges back in 2013. 3 if you need legal advice we're on your side.we are holding a "ask a lawyer phone banks" from 5 to 7:30 today.lawyers will be in our studios--- answering your legal questions for free! the number to call is 803-647-0299. 3 still to alerts continue as the zika virus has been found in new update on the countries and what you need to know about the virus' affects.
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northeast buried in snow. after the break efren will tell us when we can get relief from this winter weather
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3 3 the snow may have stopped in washington dc... and so has most of the city.could drive down side streets like this... snowed cars and feet of snow block the way. pedestrians are still using main throughfares instead of iced over sidewalks.the airports are closed so is dc's metro. schools and the city government will be closed today. 3 and the snowstorm will go down as the second worst snow storm to hit new york ever. it just missed the record by a tenth of an inch from 2006.but just six hours after the snow stopped - all major roads were
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officers busy- but none were fatal.and j-f-k and laguardia are back open, after canceling almost three thousand flights over the weekend. 3 **ad-lib about the snow and transition into weather
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3 3 3 the centers for disease control added eight more countries to its travel alert for the zika virus, including barbados, ecuador and saint martin. the mosquito borne disease has been linked to a birth defect called microcephaly - which causes an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain. the cdc is advising pregnant women to postpone travel to areas of latin america and the caribbean that are affected. 3 current guidelines say americans should start screening for colorectal cancer at age 50. but researchers at the university of michigan find nearly 15- percent of patients diagnosed are younger than that. the study calls for increased awareness about the warning signs of colorectal cancer. 3 the american academy of pediatrics is warning hospitals that even routine medical procedures can cause significant pain to newborns. the group is recommending that hospitals find ways to minimize the number of those procedures. research shows
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may create changes in brain development that last into childhood. 3 if you've been craving a little spice in your life you'll want to stick asian-made dish-topper has created a to-go version of its popular hot sauce. 3 the idea of shoveling a few feet of snow may not be the most exciting way to spend a day off.but people accross the country found ways to make this chore more enjoyble.stay tuned to see how. 3
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3 all along the east coast making the best snow.decided to dinosaur costume and take
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can't go to work today so i might as well have fun with it."the going viral...with nearly 8-hundred thousand views. 3 3 and this is how you clear snow in 20-16.this guy in new jersey came up with a surprisingly fast way to shovel the snow off his deck -- with a 3 hoverboard! 3 you may have seen this viral video over the weekend... but here's another look.check out tian tian.this big guy at the national zoo can't get enough
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blizzard 2016...and as you can loving every minute of it.3 3 getting your hot sauce fix on the go is a lot easier! sriracha hot sauce is now sold in packets by the web site, sriracha-2-go-dot-com.50 packs sell for 15 bucks... 200-packs go to 35. 3 you may want to think twice before having that healthy lunch.we're on your side with why the c-d-c is looking into a popular salad brand. 3 and the prisoners who escaped in california are still on the run.what we've learned about their violent past... and what law enforcement knows about their
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3 greg olsen: what an incredible storyline right. i saw getting here in 2011 and drafting cam and ron's first year and coming off a two and fourteen team, and here we are five years later building this thing the right way with good guys that play hard and good players. we did it the right way. it took us a couple of years to build but we're on our way to the super bowl.with their win over the arizona cardinals last night the pathers are headed to their second superbowl in franchise newtwon had a great night with four touchdowns as the pathers proved they have what it takes to win. 3 good morning and thank you for waking up with news19 this morning.i'm deon guillory. and i'm colby is monday january 25... your time is now____. 3
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3 3 the c-d-c is investigating a *listeria outbreak linked to dole salad packages. they were produced at a facility in springfield, ohio. the c-d-c says one person died and 12 people were hospitalized... and after getting sick with listeria.the salad was sold under various brand names... including dole... fresh selections... simple truth... and president's choice. the manufacturing code begins with the letter "a." 3 the massive takata airbag recall is getting even bigger. regulators are now recalling another 5 million vehicles...
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comes after the driver of a ford pick up truck with a takata air bag was killed last month. it's the first death to occur in a vehicle.... *not made by honda. 3 3 millions of people across the east coast are heading back to work this morning...following this weekend's deadly winter snowstorm. in the nation's capital - where two feet of snow fell -- the federal government and schools will remain closed for the day.much of the nation's air system is slowly resuming service after canceling thousands of flights. 3 on the run and extremely dangerous.... we're learning more about how three inmates with violent pasts broke out of jail in santa ana. the reward for the capture of those three escaped inmates increased today ...from 20- to-50-thousand dollars. cristy fajardo has more on
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3 3 3 3 today marks the start of south carolina school choice week.its a time used to raise awareness about different educational opportunities including public schools... private schools and
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200 events planned here in south carolina to celebrate... and more then 16-hundred across the will include rallies... round-table discussions and festivals. organizers say this will be the nation's largest -ever celebration of school choice. 3 3 sunday night was the grand *reopening of the *wow performing arts center. they were on the verge of closing... this year... but decided to keep the venue open. and today they introduced the community to their newly renovated space. the center is home to the first and only black box theatre... for inspirational theatre in the area. 3 and so that is why we do productions that actually speak to their family life. and so what we want is the impact to bring back that structure and that firm foundation so that we can win our kids back and win our family structures back so that we can win our cities and really be instrumental in the community. the performing arts center is located at 58-16 shakespeare road.
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godmother and make some girls dreams come true.the s-c bar young lawyer division and alpha kappa alpha sorority are teaming up to host the cinderella project.donations from across the midlands provide girls with everything they may need for the prom like a dress, shoes and jewelry without the hefty price can drop off items here at the news 19 studios on garners ferry road. other drop off locations in columbia and orangeburg are posted on wltx dot com. 3 coming up after the break...3 the panthers had the attention of many of the tvs across the midlands. we talked to one panthers player who is originally from greenwood about the team's performance. 3 plus... is the chilly weather here to stay? and will you continue to wake up with frost on your
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those answers and your b3 it was a big weekend for the national football league as the panthers and the broncos will head to the super bowl.we go now to reggie anderson who
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3 the clemson football team celebrated their record breaking season yesterday... at thier annual awards banquet. history books...*last night was a night... two of the players will never forget. guard eric maclain and linebacker... travis blanks... proposed to 3 thier girlfriends. head to our website to see the pictures of the engagements. 3 3 as the east coast begins to dig out of the weekend snow storm, some people are making light of it. take a look at this sign from buffalo, new
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two feet of snow, it would be called tuesday."over the weekend, new york city received more snow in two days than buffalo received all winter.3 3
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3 3 if you're a star wars fan, you can now get your hands on a piece of the original trilogy. luke skywalker's blaster is going up for auction. the prop laser gun is the same one that mark hamill used in 'the empire strikes back," and goes on the block thursday. the minimum bid is 200-thousand dollars. 3 there's good news for 'downton abbey' fans who don't
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the series. the complete sixth and final season of the pbs show is being released on dvd 3 tomorrow. 3 3 the blizzard burried some major films at the weekend box office. many theatres in new york and washington closed due to the storms.but the snowny frontier saga "the revenant" did the best at the movie theatres that did stay open. "the revenant" is still number one with an estimated $16 million in its third week of
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awakens" came in second. 3 while most bundle up and blast the hear during their 3 winter drives, one minnesota man says it's an opportunity to "man up."boyd hupert has
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well live it up.definition of 3 living it up:3 00:22:29;23this is like my shop kinda.three '94 convertible cavaliers. 00:23:52;19then this came along tight shot of car not revealing roofincluding the one given to him by his brother in law. before he grabbed a saw00:31:10;16nope, i just can't do tops. 00:42:23;03 pan across open roof.and went machete on his chevy. wide shot establish back on the road00:52:22;03if it's a short trip i would wear shorts and crocks, cuz you can always warm up when you get there you know. like jack frost and the abominable snowman - rich silva is the kind of creature that just seems to emerge out of harsh climates.3 01:37:38;21to be the coolest guy in town, you literally have to be the coolest guy in town. when it comes to the cold rich has a cavalier attitude.01:06:03;03 closing shot i'm in paradise. i'm winter paradise.boyd huppert, kare 11 news, zimmerman. >>
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. welcome. how you doin'? good how are you? so today you're gonna choose a mobile office. you can choose this chevy silverado which offers built in 4g lte wi-fi. or you can choose this ford f-150, which doesn't offer wi-fi. but to make up for it, we added a trailer, a satellite antenna, and dolores. hey fellas! (group laughter) what? so, which one do you want? i pick the chevy. definitely. or, get this dependable silverado all star edition with a total value of seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. two armed suspects enter a barbershop demanding money. the owners decide to fight back.
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have coming up on news 19 this morning. a wintry weekend buried
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